Xerox Phaser 6022NI Color Laser Printer $90 or as low as $17 YMMV $89.99

Xerox Phaser 6022NI Color Laser Printer $  90 or as low as $  17 YMMV $  89.99

Staples has the Xerox Phaser 6022NI color Laser printer on sale for $ 89.99. If you are like most people, you got a $ 25 off $ 75 coupon from Staples on Monday. That brings the price down to $ 65. If you spend another $ 10, you can purchase a $ 30 off $ 60 coupon on ebay, bringing the price down to $ 45 ($ 35 plus the $ 10 for the coupon). Then, if you are really good, you can use the xerox rebate to take off another $ 28, bringing this printer down to $ 17. Might not be the best color laser printer on the market, but I can almost guarantee it is the best $ 17 laser printer on the market right now.

For the rebate, it is for current xerox owners, so it might be difficult to get the rebate. I don’t know how stingy they are about multiple people using the same start up page for different rebate submissions (if someone does know and can chime in, I would appreciate it!). But if you are able to cash in on this, it should be a pretty good deal. This isn’t the first time staples has had this price. I ordered one a week ago for the same price, and it isn’t available for pickup yet, but it does show as shipped. They also had an all-in-one for a similar price, I ordered 2 (one for me and one for my mom), and only got 1 of the 2 (the one ordered second, and going to my mom of course). Just putting it out there. Enjoy!…ct_1558159