Xbox One Digital Games: Yoku’s Island Express $6.60, Dead Cells

Xbox One Digital Games: Yoku's Island Express $  6.60, Dead Cells
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on sale listed below. Thanks longmanj9

[Deal Review]:

Thanks! Gonna use price protection on Dead Cells. I picked it up for during the previous sale.

In for yoku

Why are they adding sales during the middle of the week?

Who cares just buy something

Dragon ball Fighterz. Great casual insane fighting game. X Enhanced at all?

Might be tied into award shows.

Dead Cells is such a fantastic game! Worth way more than what it sells for.

I noticed some are Black Friday prices. Maybe an early holiday sale?

Dead Cells is an absolute steal at that price.

I care, that is why I am asking.

Mostly great deals

Even for I think TR is overpriced.

It seems a good price for A Way Out.