Walgreens New Customer Coupon: 40% Off Contact Lenses +

Walgreens New Customer Coupon: 40% Off Contact Lenses +
New Customers
Extra 40% Off Contact Lenses
with promo code
(apply in cart). Additionally, you may
save an additional $ 10 Off $ 50
when you use
MasterPass Checkout
Shipping is free
. Thanks couponmit

Note, the MasterPass Checkout savings is one use per order. Coupon is valid for new customers until December 12, 2018.

[Deal Review]:

Sad that MasterPass is only via CapitalOne on Walgreens.com
– Clearing cookies for masterpass.com reset it to generic now, yay!
Only CapitalOne via Walgreens.

I usually get them from daysoft which are shipped from UK for total for 30 day supply of dailies for both eyes and takes 10 days, no prescription verification.. But for more I’ll try some of the dailies. Thanks

Just need to inform members that I ordered them last time and whole process was seemless, just sent my prescription via email and boom lens came in 2 days, whole 1 yr expiration, fresh boxes. And great prices too.

When does the coupon expires?

December 12, 2018.

Thanks, needed to use up FSA money and was going to use the 25% off till I saw this. Saved another 15% + using Masterpass. Plus, hoping to get another 8% clicking the TCB site.

It was that way when I tried to use it a few weeks ago, but today it was coming up with normal Masterpass login and I was able to get it to work.
Hmmm, does look like it is varying now. Cleared my cookies for masterpass.com and now it’s the generic one, thanks.
I do not care for Daysoft. Too thick and uncomfortable.

I’m reasonably happy with Hubble and Aquasoft from 800-Contacts. Both offer a 15 day free trial.

My BC is off by just 0.1, does any one have any insight as to how drastic that will affect it?

Never from walgreens again.. they sent me defective contact lenses and they did not even bother to exchange. Poor customer service