Walgreens App: 5-Count 4″ x 6″ Photo Prints

Walgreens App: 5-Count 4
5-Count 4″ x 6″ Photo Prints
with promo code
when you order via the
Walgreens App
. Select free store pickup where stock permits. Thanks couponmit

[Deal Review]:

Thanks op. Worked for me.

Thanks worked well, Repped

worked perfectly on the website!

‘SANTAFREE’ is not valid in our app

Did you make sure that you selected 5 pictures? It doesn’t work if selecting any amount other than that.

How do you find out about stuff? I never get notified of any good deals by walgreens… only on here…

I ordered the 25 for 25 cents on last deal. The quality wasn’t worth the 5 min it took me to pick them up. Wow. I wouldn’t bother picking them up for anything except to let a toddler play with them. Pixilated, dark, bad colors, yellowed, u name it, ran the gauntlet.

Doesn’t work for me either
I did, 5 4×6
It worked on the website
Much of your comment is more a reflection of the store used; some stores around me are horrible at maintenance (or even paying attention so heads aren’t cropped off), while the one I use always gets it right. Also, photos I’ve scanned in past deals were taken with lower resolutions and really weren’t very good.

works for me on website. thanks op!

Sorry for your experience. Quality varies store to store.