Vitamix Blender-Standard Programs/Professional Series-Certified Reconditioned for $249.95 FREE SHIPPING…uId=001888

This model is closely related to the popular 5200 model, But this one has 3 presets which the 5200 doesn’t and no touch screen to go bad.

5 year Warranty

Three pre-programmed settings offer consistent results with walk-away convenience for

Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert recipes.

This is the one I got my Wife and she has used it everyday since. She almost fainted when I got it for her.

These are models from Costco or QVC that were not sold and returned to Vitamix. Vitamix slaps a new generic label on them and has to call them reconditioned. Our was brand new when we got it.

It will go back up to $ 379 soon so now is the time to buy..