uKeg 128 oz Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer – Stainless Steel $139.99

uKeg 128 oz Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer - Stainless Steel $ 139.99

The uKeg 128 keeps beer fresh and carbonated for 2 weeks

Vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel keeps beer cold all day

Adjustable VPR cap and gauge enable perfect carbonation for different beer styles

Locking dispenser tap with interchangeable handle provides for endless personalization

Sight tube with pint and ounce measurements ensure you know when you’re getting low

Share your beer or homebrew with friends anytime, anywhere

Holds up to 128 ounces of liquid

1-year warranty & lifetime customer support​…owlerwerks


Our uKeg 128 pressurized growler is a mini keg in the size of a full-gallon growler, keeps beer cold, fresh and carbonated for two weeks. On the go or at home. Durable, double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel. CO2 regulator cap with customizable tap handle and gauge. Includes two 16 gram CO2 cartridges.

Capacity: 128 oz (3785 ml) = 8-10 beers
 6.8in x 9.3in x 11.9in (172mm x 235mm x 303mm)


  • uKeg – keep beer fresh and carbonated for two weeks.
  • VPR Cap – automatically regulates pressure to optimally carbonate beer.  Choose desired carbonation level, from zero (off) up to 15 psi.
  • Vessel – durable, double-wall vacuum-insulated stainless steel.
  • Pressure Gauge – easily read the pressure inside the growler.
  • Dispenser Tap – easily pours beer any time, without removing cap. Plus taplock to prevent dispensing.
  • Interchangeable Tap Handle – handle can be changed to personalize or represent your favorite brewery.
  • Sight Glass – shows contents of uKeg and how much is left.
  • CO2 Cartridge – uses low cost, food-grade CO2 cartridges.

First, M, why didn’t you tell them about NC growler laws, I’m sure they would have taken your 128 back and let you buy 2 64’s instead. Plus they would know and could warn customers in advance on the website or not sell or ship 128’s there.

My black stainless 128 was an early Christmas present. It’s a great product and very well made. My only little issues are:

It can really foam the beer too much. But if you turn down the pressure too much it pours flat. It’s can be difficult to get it just right or as close to as possible which can depend on the beer. Adjusting the static pressure is no guaranty it will pour at that pressure once you open the tap – especially when it is fairly full. So you end up pouring, waiting and topping up or making do with 2/3 glass beer and 1/3 head.

Also the tap lock pin is too tight. Even when disassembled and cleaned thoroughly it tends to gum up after a couple of pours if you only have a beer or two a day. That makes it it’s hard to push in and out of lock and it’s hard on your fingers. If it can’t be made a looser fit, perhaps large buttons on the ends would help.

But it’s still the best thing in the growler world by far and my wife wants one too..

It’s the perfect size for personal and party use and does not take up too much bar space. I’m going to make a filler tube and funnel so I can refill them myself properly from the bottom with regular growlers when we have a party.