TurboTax 2018 Software: Deluxe $32, Premier + State (PC/Mac CD)

TurboTax 2018 Software: Deluxe $  32, Premier + State (PC/Mac CD)
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TurboTax 2018 Tax Software
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Someone please correct me, if I’m wrong here. The Deluxe version for does NOT include State preparation (sold separately). The Deluxe + State version is . In past versions, buying the State add-on costs , so it seems to me that buying the Deluxe + State for less than more is the better deal of the two, no?

Looks like amazon pre-empted the costco sale. costco in store has the same price starting 1/2/19


No you’re right. For some reason the deluxe+state deal wasn’t coming up in my Amazon search results earlier. I just updated the OP.

The digital version of Home & Business is still .99. I prefer that version because I know I can always download it years later from my digital locker, no need to worry about keep the disc.

Disc only which is annoying. Download version is more. Not sure if I even have something that can read a CD anymore

How does the software version work together with the mobile version?

This is the best price from last year if I remember correctly, right?

Deluxe no State is .99 at Costco. off.

If I drove Lyft a portion of the year, I’d need to do the Home + Business + State? Feel like I always mess this up and end up having to buy extras.

Have promo from chase for using rewards points so bought the Home & Business for plus tax. Hate to waste the discount on tax software but it is what it is.

Was the promo through Amazon?
Costco online already has it on sale.

Disc is great. We split it among five households passing the disc around.
Last January, i got Premier + State for .