Transformers Autobot Cavalier Hot Rod Toy

Transformers Autobot Cavalier Hot Rod Toy
Transformers Autobot Cavalier Hot Rod Toy
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Great figure and love the vintage packaging! Only complaint is it was packaged the wrong way in the factory with the weapons taking up most of the window rather than the car. Easily fixed by opening it up and putting it back correctly as shown in my photo. I never had this figure as a kid as I wasn’t a fan of the movie so I’m glad to be able to pick it up now.

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Glad I didnt buy when this was front page for . Thanks op, I caved in at this price for my kid.

I paid full price, but that’s why I keep my receipts. I will buy this and return at full price.

Thanks OP, this will look great next to my still sealed Unicron

Yeah thanks for the heads up on this one. My 5 year-old wanted a red transformer for Christmas and cant think of one better than Hot Rod.

Try and return it online. I have my one set to drop off when the arrives.

Awesome thanks! I bought for as a gift for my son 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately didn’t use my price protection so just ordered for in-store pickup and will return on other receipt!

I was going to buy but the Chinese knockoff transformers look so much better.

Which Unicron do you have?
I have the 2003 Armada release that I believe was a Walmart exclusive
Jesus, they’re amazing!
That KO is great btw. It’s just as good as the original.

Was waiting for this to go to this is even better. And my niece is working there so I used her account and got 10% more off.

Jesus. 34 for a knock off and who knows if it’ll look like that when you get it?!