Totes Auto Open Umbrella w/ NeverWet & SunGuard (Various)

Totes Auto Open Umbrella w/ NeverWet & SunGuard (Various)

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  • Lightweight, auto open close, large canopy foldable umbrella allows for easy one-handed operation, and sun protection blocks harmful UV rays
  • Auto open and close — one push of the button opens the umbrella, one push closes it
  • NeverWet invisible coating on the umbrella canopy allows rain to roll right off for superior water repellency, durability and defense against the elements
  • SunGuard UPF 50+ protection blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you up to 30 degrees cooler
  • Canopy Size: 39-inches; folds to 8-1/4-inches when closed. Care instructions: Leave open to dry. Wipe clean with a damp cloth

LOVE this umbrella! I thought it was an absurd price to pay for one, but my husband swore by his and will only by Totes so I got one to replace my old umbrella in my car. Again, LOVE this umbrella! Water glides right off it and it folds up super nice and compact.

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Meh, why not.

i know!!!

Shipping – .95

My wife just bought 4 umbrellas at Lot Less for each. Got these anyway, hopefully they’ll last a while.

The shipping goes to free after entering the BRELLA40 code on the final screen.
Continue to final screen. It will adjust there. Happy shopping
May be for this model, i tried to order Auto Open/Close Golf Size Umbrella x 2 shipping is 6.95 so not worth it

Tax shows as 0
Ohhh, thanks for qualifying
Go to the final page. Shipping adjusts there. I just tried the golf umbrella and it worked.
Indeed it changed to 0, weird.

will give it a try

bought 4…like it ever rains in los angeles.

You should at least say thank you to op and that poster. Sheesh
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