Tivo Renewed Mini (A93) $99.99. TiVo Roamio Plus with All In Service $449.99 Free Shipping

Tivo Renewed Mini (A93) $  99.99. TiVo Roamio Plus with All In Service $  449.99 Free Shipping

I just got an email from weaknees with what seem like really good prices on some tivo refurbished, prior generation boxes.


Tivo Mini – $ 99.99 shipped. Factory refurbished. 90-day warranty from tivo. This is the A93 prior version. It is not 4K and doesn’t come with a voice remote.

Tivo Roamio Plus with all in (lifetime) service. $ 449.99 – 6 tuner, factory refurb with 90-day tivo warranty. Comes with a 1tb hard drive. Hard drive upgrades are available from them, but you’re better off just getting the drive somewhere else and self-installing if you want more space. Lifetime service alone is $ 549. You can probably do a bit better on ebay for a used box, but this one is from an authorized retailer with tivo warranty.

Tivo Roamio with all in service – $ 399.99 – 4 tuner. Refurb. This works with cable or antenna (but not both). If you have off-air ONLY, then you’re better off with the roamio ota, which is available for $ 250 (current friends and family deal) – $ 349 (regular price for refurb). But this is a great box that does cable or off air if you want the flexibility. It doesn’t do both at the same time, however.

What do you think?