[targeted] 50% extra on Amex MR points Hilton redemption

[targeted] 50% extra on Amex MR points Hilton redemption

New targeted offer lets you redeem amex membership rewards points at a rate of 1>3 Hilton points, 50% better than the usual 2 points. In my experience Hilton points have had around 1 cent of value, more when combined with 5th night free and no resort fees booked with award points (
and some reported around 10 cent per point value

), so this is a pretty good deal if you have a lot of amex membership rewards sitting in your account.

Expires at the end of the year, full terms on transfer page. Targeted offer so YMMV, some reported a 2.6 rate instead of 3.


1. login at

2. choose a card with MRs

3. choose “Rewards” tab

4. click “Transfer Points”

5. Hilton should be one of the partners on the list.