Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starship Packs: Pulse, Lance, or Neptune

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starship Packs: Pulse, Lance, or Neptune
Starlink: Battle for Atlas Packs
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Starlink: Battle for Atlas Packs
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About the product

  • This Pack includes: 1 Pulse Starship, 1 Calisto “Chase” Da Silva Pilot, 1 Volcano Weapon. Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack required to play
  • Equip your volcano weapon to precisely hit enemy weak points for critical damage
  • Dim: 22.86cm x 26.67cm x 7.7cm Weight: 0.275Kg
  • Made in China
  • Choking hazard – Small parts. Not for children under 3 years

My 6yo daughter and I really enjoy the Starlink game. she wanted the fastest ship in the galaxy and this F1-racer inspired design just flies. Fun in game, and IRL.

[Deal Review]:

This is a great deal. Cheaper than black friday

All pilots look to be 50% off too ()

Some weapon packs are 50% off to ()

Other ships are too. Lance and neptune.

Just not sure which ships to get now!

You’re right! I didn’t initially see the other stuff for sale too when I posted it. I had to get more to feed my addiction.

So what exactly is this- like another Disney infinity??

I bought the starter pack for my son for Christmas. Any suggestions on which of these on sale are the best in game?



I’ve researched a bunch and it seems really hard to tell, but the neptune ship I guess is pretty tank like so it is good for people a little younger to just brute force. Also the neptune ship comes with a stasis weapon. Aparently, it is the only one you can buy right now.


As far as weapons go, it seems very subjective, but I went with the crusher pack.

Nice Thank you, just got all the items on sale plus Eli Arborwood who doesn’t have a ship.



What this post made me realize was that there is 2 EXCLUSIVE ships.



Cerburus with Razor @ GameStop




Scramble with Levi @ Target

Cerberus looks to be a reskin of Hunter’s ship and Scramble is a reskin of Pulse (Chase’s ship). Buying them does give you more ships and, therefore, extra lives, but it doesn’t look like they’re functionally different than, say, Pulse vs Neptune where Pulse is speedier and fragile but Neptune is slow and tanky.
It kinda varies because as you progress you ended up modding the ship and the starting stats all kind of become irrelevant. I’ve been playing with the default ship (Xbox) and using that with the meteor/iron fist weapons. Been cleaning shop too as these are high damage short range weapons . YMMV . I’d say just find a ship you like and spend money on the weapons

Can you earn these ship in game ?

Been playing the game and gotten far but really didn’t want to spend extra for the ships and weapons. This makes is easier. Got the Neptune, Lance ships and Eli Arborwood for…B07GX54F5S…B07GXCQ3WH

When you buy the digital version of the game, you get all the ships included… if you buy the toy version, you only get the toy version of the ship in-game, and not the others. I don’t believe you can earn these ships in the game… I dunno, maybe I got it all wrong, because I’m still confused about the whole eco-system of this game, which is why I haven’t bought it yet, although I do want that Arwing ship and Star Fox. It’s kind of cumbersome looking to be attaching pieces to the ship during gameplay though. It seems like a mixed bag of convoluted mess that has a lot of people asking what exactly they are getting with their toy purchase… or game purchase.. or whatever.
Do you think the game is easy enough for an 8 year old with a couple ships (arwing and neptune) and weapon packs? Or pick up more ships?

Edit: that same 8 year old who can beat Zelda botw with minimal help.