Stardew Valley (iOS Game App)

Stardew Valley (iOS Game App)
Stardew Valley
(iOS Game App) on sale for
$ 3.99
. Thanks slippyfox

Note, must purchase through the iTunes platform.

[Deal Review]:

Another solid sale, full version of Stardew Valley (no IAP!).

It has good MFI Controller support and VERY frequent updates.

I bought it originally at full price and have no regrets.

Stardew Valley by Chucklefish Limited…10800?mt=8

I “finished” on PC and on Switch. Worth it every penny

Didnt know this was on IOS at all! Im still on year two on my Switch but enjoying the game play very much…got it because it reminded me so much of Harvest Moon.

I’m sure this is A front page deal.

I wonder how up-to-date it is compared to the PC version, compared to the console versions.

Absolutely fantastic game! If you like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon this is definitely a game you should look into.

Is there multiplayer for mobile?
Big Grin

E: there isn’t.

Great deal

I hope it’s like Harvest Moon!

I want this for xbox but i keep missing it when it’s on sale.

No multiplayer.

No Sale.

Frowny face emoticon.

What is normal price

It includes the latest 1.3 single player updates, but I think it’s not getting multiplayer. So you get the night market and horse hats and such.