Star Wars: The Last Jedi 24″ Talking Chewbacca & 6″ Porg Plush Toy

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 24
Star Wars: The Last Jedi 24″ Talking Chewbacca & 6″ Porg Plush Toy $ 13.30
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  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi 6″ Porg companion comes along with Chewier and is attached to his shoulder
  • Officially Licensed Star Wars Merchandise – very detailed, life-like, and cute
  • 24″ Chewbacca, 3 classic “Wookie” phrases
  • Wookie phrases are audible but not loud
  • Batteries are included (3 x LR44)
  • This stuffed figure is soft yet durable, and makes a great gift for the ultimate Star Wars fan!

Bought this for my (adult) son who is handicapped. He saw the picture of this and started yelling in excitement (he’s verbal but unable to speak words). Up to this point I had no idea he loved Chewbacca. The look on his face when it came was just precious – even though it was described as big, the size is a bit of a shock. I combed out Chewie’s hair (it was a bit mussed from the trip) & set it up in his playroom. But no, he wanted it in his bedroom where he can look at it when he falls asleep & wakes up. I do wish Chewie’s verbalizations were louder, but my guy is happy with him & that’s really all that matters.

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Ok I just bought three of these. One for me, one for a nephew and another for a niece. They look pretty big and seems like a steal.

wish chewbacca didnt look so weird

Ah dang I just paid .99 for Chewie a week ago from Amazon.

Here for the “Last Jedi ruined my childhood” comments”…

in for 2 repped OP

Yeah, he definitely looks more young and cartoonlike than chewbacca.. but it is a toy after all. Maybe think of it as chewbaccas toddler?
It isn’t kids who hated the movie. Kids aren’t nearly as critical as adults. My kid loved it, and that’s what counts.
I’m 37 and I loved it. Dont understand the hate to be honest.

Thanks in 4 1

This dumb thing is gigantic. A bedroom space killer.

Not sure why. But I just bought this….

Same here

From the picture I can’t tell if he’s facing me or walking away