Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI (Nintendo Switch)

Sid Meier's: Civilization VI (Nintendo Switch)
Sid Meier’s: Civilization VI
(Nintendo Switch) on sale for
$ 39.99
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[Deal Review]:

Great deal. Unfortunately can’t use my Google Express target coupon for some reason

Damn. Didn’t think this would get discounted so quickly. Feel foolish paying after GCU. Oh well.

Switch games aren’t eligible.

There’s also a 10 percent off Target gift cards at Target today…

The last one I played was Civ IV. How does this one compare?

Civ 5 and 6 are very similar but both are a big overhaul from 4. I’ve been playing Civ since the beginning and I love 6. Unfortunately the switch version doesn’t have the latest expansion (rise and fall). This is worrisome since the 2nd expansion pack is hitting the PC version soon.

2 things, 1, does anyone know when this deal ends? And 2, is there any word on when online play is coming? Is it officially not coming at all? Or is it just delayed?

Yep have it on pc already. There’s really no point in getting it for the switch now is there. I guess if you are planning to take it on the go then sure but if you are just going to use the switch at home there might not be so much of a point

Edit: do you think rise and fall will be added as a pay for dlc/expansion for the switch? Or it will be free content.

Never played it before but looks interesting. Just ordered. Thanks op

The other people are saying V and VI are very similar but I would disagree. I love V and have over 300 hours put into it but I don’t really like VI. I still play it a bit but is nowhere near as enjoyable as IV and V at least in my opinion.

I wish this was on the eShop!

Was stickered in store, picked one up

Hopefully Amazon matches digitally