Select Target Stores: 1pt Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland Ice Cream

Select Target Stores: 1pt Ben & Jerry's Minter Wonderland Ice Cream

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1pt Ben & Jerry’s Minter Wonderland Ice Cream
(Link is just for reference) on clearance for
$ 1.31
valid for In-Store Purchase (limited availability). Thanks FreeStorm

Note: Price and availability will vary by location. Consider checking other stores in your area if you see a higher price.

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Its freezing around here. Won’t need icecream for another 4 months

Freezing here too, but ice cream is a year-round dish for some of us. I’ve stocked up on Edy’s (Dryer’s) Seasonal Frozen Hot Chocolate over the last couple of weeks and have 11 tubs to enjoy over these “cooler” months. MMMM.
The ones that we bought all expire on May 28, 2020. So you can always hold on to them and try to ignore them until summer…

Still feeling very cold.

A local ice cream place here was very crowded even when the temperature was 40F.

Let’s all eat Ice cream!!!

Not a big fan of mint flavor

send them to me

I wonder if other flavors are on clearance also

Looks like for once there’s plenty around me but o fear by time I get there it’ll be cleared out by stock pilers

Just picked up a couple in Mira Mesa. There about 7 left as of 120pm pst

What’s in mister wonderful

Seems to be that price around here as well. Might have to hit them up tomorrow. Thanks!