SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 128GB for iOS device with lightning connector -$43.17 @ Amazon…Bipad&th=1

It’s also available through Prime Now so if you have slow shipping credit for Prime Now you can get it cheaper. I was able to save additional $ 5 on top of this price.

I already own this device, but couldn’t pass up for this price. This drive works well with the iXpand app and even the TopReel app that I got for free with the device. TopReel app plays mkv files directly from the drive so don’t have to move mkv files to VLC app. Also there is an encrypted folder on the drive where you can store private files and even play video directly without unencrypting it first

It comes preformated with exFAT so works with Mac and PC out of the box. I believe only 128Gb and higher comes with exFAT and not sure if the drive will work properly if you format the lower capacity ones.