Roundtrip Flight: Houston to Athens, Greece

Roundtrip Flight: Houston to Athens, Greece
(British Airways) offers
Roundtrip Flights from Houston
to Athens
starting from
$ 496
on select dates in
January – March; October – November 2019
. Thanks serra

Note, makes 1 stop in London. From
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Travel Availability (subject to change)

  • Departs (IAH): Jan 13-31; Feb 1-28; March 1-6, 11-13, 18-20, 22; Oct 21-25; Nov 4-8, 10-15, 17-22, 24-29
  • Returns: Wide availability returns.

[Deal Review]:

Very tempted. Heard it was cold in Jan and islands are closed.

Good deal. But i wanna go to Crete instead.

Good deal. Very tempted but I’m in Minnesota and want to go to Wisconsin instead. Relevant? No. Should I shut up? Perhaps. Also this is not a ticket to Wisconsin. So why did you even post it here on this thread I’m commenting on! This is a Minnesotan going to Wisconsin thread. Sheesh.

Crete is part of Greece. I would assume there are no direct flights to Crete from the US.
The islands are never closed.
Went a couple of years ago in December. Its fairly cold, but the wind is what was worst. If you go, take a windbreaker and/or longjohns or something. Also, the cold means that there are almost no tourists outside of Athens. We spent a few days on Kea, which is a medium-sized island, and it was great. Its almost weirdly deserted most of the time, but for us that was a good thing.

Just got back from 2 weeks in Greece in Nov. Let me know if you have any questions. You can fly or take a boat from Athens to Crete. The overnight boat was actually not terrible. It was like a low end cruise ship for about 50 euro each way for a room.

Why would you want to go to Wisconsin
How much drachma do I get for 0 USD?

Athens is great! 5 star hotel such as King George or Grande Bretagne are really cheap compared to other equivalent destinations, a lot of walkable history, and the walking food tour is awesome.

Really tempted since I’m about a 2hr drive from IAH and I’d like to go back again…

SANTORINI, GREECE is a great place.

They have good cheese curds.

Actually can get about this same fare from msp to Greece for now though early April. Maybe I’ll go to Greece instead.