rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil w/ Silver Barrel (0.5 mm)

rOtring 800 Retractable Mechanical Pencil w/ Silver Barrel (0.5 mm)
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No Longer Available:

  • An iconic tool meant for a lifetime of use. Unique “Twist and Click” mechanism retracts entire lead and sleeve for durability and pocket-safety.
  • The full-metal body has ideal weight balance for fatigue-free writing and drawing. Lead hardness grade indicator provides rapid identification.
  • Hexagonal shape prevents sliding on tilted tables. Design, pattern and size of metallic grip zone enable working for long hours without slipping.
  • Fixed lead guidance sleeve prevents breakage and gives a clear page view for ruler-based drawing. Brass mechanism for precision lead advancement.
  • Limited warranty: guaranteed for 2 years from original purchase date against defects in materials or workmanship.

I purchased the Rotring 800 .7mm in silver (actually wanted black but screwed up somehow). And planned on using it for drafting at work and some sketch work I do for personal enjoyment.

I am an engineer and sometimes need to draft up a concept and am able to develop conceptual designs better with a pencil and paper than using CAD . And I also like doing little lettering/ typography pieces in my spare time. Needless to say the 800 was an investment as my mechanical pencils get significant use and I am not worried about losing it because it stays at my office 24/7.

First the Good… Build quality.
This build quality on this thing is exceptional. It really is crafted in exquisite fashion. All metal construction, soup to nuts. The barrel feels rock solid and the weight in hand is substantial. It feels like a pro grade tool. I also like the knurling on both grips and the knurling on the sleeve that holds the eraser is a neat touch.

Twisting the top grip to retract or extend the lead sleeve has a nice solid click to it.

Then you put it to paper to draw something and here is where my one negative comes in to play. And it is significant.

The retracting gold stem and lead tube are machined with a slight bit of play between them and the part of the end cap that they mate with. This little bit of the play makes the pencil ever so slightly loose and a bit sloppy.

It’s kind of like when you’ve been writing with a pencil for a long while and after repeatedly readjusting the grip you unscrew the endcap just a bit to make it feel a smidge loose and wobbly. I have this happen a fair amount with Pental Graph Gear pencils. Just breaking the tightness of the end caps threading onto the barrel causes this little bit of looseness or wobblyness when you are writing.

Obviously the Rotring feels significantly better in hand overall, but that little bit of play in the action when you are writing can’t be fixed by a simple twist of the end cap to tighten it up again…. It is baked in to the design.

So on a $5 pencil, I’d be ok with it…. a $10.00 pencil meh, I think they outta feel pretty rock solid if you are paying $10
On a $50 pencil I find the play in the action very disappointing.

I don’t know if others are running into this or not, or if I am being ultra super duper picky (it is possible) but it seems like the retractable tip wasn’t quite ready for prime time. My Uni Shift has a retractable tip and has none of the play in its action that the 800 does.

So no, I am not really happy with it.

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Thanks, these are great pencils. Used subscribe and save and got an additional 40% off

How.. it shows the same
I tried subscribe and save but received no additional 40% off. How much did you end up paying?
It came to .85. It was the first time I’ve used shop and save, ever, so that might be why. It came up as a ‘coupon’ for me.

10% ss coupon for me. In for one ss and another few as gifts. Thanks.

No S&S coupon for me. Bought it anyway, nice addition to my collection of mechanical pencils.

How? its the same price.
He explained above.

Lowest price according to 3 camels.

Probably my new favorite mechanical pencil. It’s a steal at this price, and highway robbery if you can get the S&S coupon.

Repped the Color: Silver Barrel.

Take a look at the “Draftmatic”. Basically the same thing for around and you have your choice of .3mm .5mm .7mm or .9mm…=UTF8&th=1

The Pentel graphgear 1000 is better. The point goes inside of the pencil so that you don’t accidentally damage it or tear holes in things. With a 50% coupon from Michaels they can be had pretty cheap, and I have gotten them for as little as from Amazon on occasion