Ring Video Doorbell Pro w/ Chime Pro Bundle + Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro w/ Chime Pro Bundle + Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
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Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Wired) w/ Chime Pro Bundle + Echo D
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  • Ring Pro Smart WiFi Video Doorbell (Wired)
  • Ring Chime Pro
  • Echo Dot (3rd Generation)
  • This bundle contains the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and the Echo Dot (3rd Generation).
  • Works with Alexa to illuminate and send announcements to Echo devices when your doorbell is pressed or motion is detected, allowing you to hear and speak to visitors with two-way talk
  • Answer the door from anywhere and watch over your home in 1080HD video with Ring Video Doorbell Pro. You’ll get mobile alerts when anyone comes to your door, so you can see, hear and speak to visitors from your phone, tablet and PC.
  • Monitor your property in HD video, and check-in on your home at anytime with Live View on-demand video and audio.
  • Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker. Dot connects to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, make calls, send and receive messages, provide information, news, sports scores, weather, and more — instantly.

I purchased the Ring after receiving multiple solicitors at my door (even after posting a “No Solicitors” sign).
Moving on…If you are installing the hard wired RIng doorbell version (not wireless) just remember to shut off the power to the doorbell prior to installing. I installed the doorbell, downloaded the free application for my wife and I, added the adapters to my current doorbell, and set the “Motion Zone”. The entire process took approximately 40 minutes. Having the set “Motion Zones” helps us out a lot so we do not get “Motion Detected” alerts from people on the sidewalk but anything closer to my home it goes off. Everything works flawlessly and the speaker sounds great. Images and video during day and night are clear. No issues hearing the person at my door nor them hearing me. My wife loved it as much as I did and we decided to get a second one for our second door (plus it was a Amazon special we could not pass up!).

After I installed the second Ring I noticed I was not able to connect as quickly and sometimes not at all to the doorbell. I watched a few YouTube videos for troubleshooting and BOOM! I found the issue (I can not fault Ring for this). My current doorbell transformer was only max 16V of power. I went and purchased a max 24V transformer and a plug-in WiFi extender (approximately $50 total for both). This solved the issue and we were able to connect to both doorbells with no problems. Since July of 2017, and the upgrades, we have had no issues. We had temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit and they were still working.

We paid Ring $30 for each doorbell yearly fee ($60 for both) which allows Unlimited video storage. You also are able to “Share” the recorded video which allows you to email the videos as you wish. I also found the laptop Ring application. While working on my laptop I can receive notifications, watch the live video, and/or answer all from my laptop.

In February 2018 at 2AM Ring came in handy. I received the “Motion Detected” alert on my phone and saw an unknown, adult, male, holding a large black object near his side, walking up my driveway, and towards my front door. The male looked directly at the Ring, stopped, turned around, walked back into the street, got into a vehicle and left. I like to believe Ring deterred this guy from committing a crime. After that moment I remembered I never did an Amazon review for Ring. So here it is. Do yourself and/or family a favor and get the Ring. Peace of mind and makes life easier. SEE ATTACHED PICTURES FOR DETAILS.

If anything arises I will update this review.

Please Note: This review is my honest opinion after doing much research and purchasing this product for use. Prior to purchasing any product I conduct thorough research and test the item prior to review. “Was this review helpful to you?” if it was please click on “Yes” button below. Thank you!

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Just got my shipment at 9 I’ll have to get a price adjustment.

Love the fact that Alexa announces when someone is in front of door and when someone rings the bell.


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Alexa is only recreating the part of Uhura on Star Trek, or better yet Gwen on Galaxy Quest.

Just pulled the trigger and now will likely cancel it.


The CostCo offer at 5 doesn’t include the chime or dot but does give 1 year of Ring cloud which costs . With my router already really close to the inside wall where this will be mounted and already owning an Echo & Tap I’m thinking the CostCo bundle might be the better bundle for us.


Thoughts anyone?

Thanks Op!

Missed on all the Black Friday deals on this doorbell. I guess this one ain’t that bad!

The only current comparable deal to this would be the one with Costco. Here’s the


Just FYI, that one doesn’t come with the extra wireless chime or the a Dot. It does, however, come with a year’s worth of service.

Also, it’s back-ordered for a couple of days.

Does this use batteries?

No. Uses existing doorbell wires

This is good for smaller door frames else you can get battery version doorbell 2. I have battery one and it lasts 3 months on a charge, in cold northeast weather.

How does this compare to nests version? Asking since I have a nest thermostat and have Google hub already.

I did buy the Nest doorbell deal from Costco with the free Google Home mini and one year subscription but any thoughts on which is the better doorbell? My daughter doesn’t want the Google Home or the Dot, just the unit. Just trying to decide which is the better performer.

How well does this perform in cold climates during ice & snow storms with no porch or cover over Ring’s camera lens? I suspect images will be blurry, rendering that part mostly useless. That’s the only reason why I haven’t bought one yet. I would have to construct a mini pitched roof over the whole doorbell.


Got skybell hd right now but they don’t have Alexa support so I’m thinking of switching. anyone care to comment?


Ideally, I’d like my Echo Shows to display the video from the camera whenever it picks up movement of doorbell rings. I know Skybell does not support this but does Ring? Thanks. I like skybell and have no issues and there is no monthly fee so I know Ring charges but Id pay it if it works right.