Reflector 3 for PC/Mac $9 (reg $15)

Reflector 3 for PC/Mac $  9 (reg $  15)

I know this isn’t for everyone, but for others required to demo mobile apps or create training videos, this is golden.

Reflector allows you to receive AirPlay from iOS (emulating Apple TV), Google Cast from Android, and Miracast from Win10. In addition to showing the device screen on your computer, you can also easily record the streaming video. I’ve used it at work for demos and plan to start using it for making training videos over the next few months.

They periodically run sales, but this Cyber Monday price ($ 8.99) is a deeper discount than I’ve seen in the past.

I suggest installing the trial to see if you like it, then making the purchase if it works for you.

There are also deals for their other products, but I’ve only had experience with Reflector.