Reebok Men’s Zig Pulse SE or Women’s ZigPulse Running Shoes

Reebok Men's Zig Pulse SE or Women's ZigPulse Running Shoes
Reebok Zig Pulse Running Shoes
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[Deal Review]:

I love my Zigs. Very comfortable. Have had them for about 4 months.

I bought 2 pair last time these went on frontpage and I am actually wearing them now. Picked up another pair since I wear them alot and they are comfortable.

The army green also matched my salute to service Saints gear.

I am 12 half marathons in with one set of shoes. Still have one is spare. The raise on the heel prevents achilles tendinitis imo.

These were .99 before with a lot more colors to choose from. I’ll wait, I am sure they’ll be back at 29 soon.

doesn’t crap get stuck in those empty zip gaps?

shame it’s not black on grey or black on black

or i’d try a pair… i hate when my shoes draw

too much attention to themselves.

Thanks OP

I’m a pronator when running(ie I have flat feet). These were very uncomfortable running. Also, quality was crap

I love these shoes for training in. Go through a lot of shoes and these deals always pop up. Thanks OP in for another pair for the que!

Yes it does. I have a pair of the original and I get smaller rocks stuck all the time. They’re super comfortable though!

Yeesh the men’s color selections are so LOUD. Like a teenager designed them. The red/black reminds me of something on a power ranger or action figure.

The female colors are much more subtle and appealing imo.

I bought a gray pair last time they came up, they’re some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn. I was having ankle pain issues and when I switched to these it helped immensely. Highly recommended especially at this price!

Love these! I’ll probably just wait until they drop to again though. Going to grab a few pairs to stock up when they do. This green is a new color and looks pretty cool though.

I would say this is the only downside of this show. However, the grooves are so big they are very easy and quick to get out.