PS4 Digital: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season $5.10, Celeste

PS4 Digital: Life is Strange: Before the Storm Complete Season $  5.10, Celeste
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on sale listed below. Thanks longmanj9

[Deal Review]:

CELESTE IS FINALLY ON SALE!!!! Time to platinum this baby.

It’s such a great game. I don’t even like platformers normally but I love it

Are any of these Playstation exclusive? I have had an xbox since early on and I only recently got a PS4 for Spider Man 4 and the last of us. I don’t want to divide my library up unnecessarily

Is tooth and Tail any good?

Looks like Celeste is on sale on Steam too:


Ughh tempting with the high reviews.. just got Hollow Knight and Iconoclasts though.. similar high praises and same game category.
I don’t know about all of these games but Persona 5 is definitely a ps4 exclusive.
For what it’s worth I like Hollow Knight more than Celeste. HK is one of my favorite games I’ve ever played.
Persona 5 is the only one that’s fully exclusive I think. Street Fighter 5, Final Fantasy 14, and Dragon Quest 11 are all available on PC but not Xbox.
Hollow Knight and Iconoclast (Metroidvania’s) are more similar to each other than they are to Celeste. Celeste is almost in a category all its own (complex, almost puzzle-like, fast-paced platforming)

Residential Evil for as well.

Want to bite on RE7 () or RE7 Gold Edition (). Is the DLC worth the upgrade?

Absolutely agree about Celeste. I got it on the Switch during BF and it’s perfect both as a quick pickup game or if you want to play in a longer sitting.