Prime Members: Additional Savings on First Order of Select Dog or Cat Food

Prime Members: Additional Savings on First Order of Select Dog or Cat Food
Select Prime Members
40% Off

First Dog or Cat Food Subscribe & Save Order
(valid for select items) when you ‘clip’ the 40% off coupon on the product page and checkout via subscribe & save.
Shipping is free
. Thanks youra6

Note, you may cancel Subscribe & Save anytime after your order ships. To redeem the 40% savings, clip the coupon on an eligible product page, select “Subscribe & Save”, and savings will be applied at checkout. There is also a
separate offer
for Select Prime Members offering 25% Off First Dog or Cat Food Subscribe & Save Order, more info

[Deal Review]:

wish I could get this deal, but it doesn’t show up for me… I have prime and I already order about 60 pounds of dog food a month…

Ah it says qualified customers only. Not sure how or what Amazon uses to qualify but I’ll update the thread.

I think some people give td because they are just ignorant. This is an awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing! I don’t see where it states “targeted” only that it has to be your first pet food s&s. Here is the link with the information. Tu and repped.

Thanks. Saved almost

This is the first time I’ve used subscribe and save for pet food, or bought pet food in Amazon, maybe that’s why it shows up for me
Yep same here. Apologies in advance for those who don’t see this in their account. But a super good deal for those who do see it.
Much appreciated. I updated the post to reflect it.

Thanks for posting! I ordered Blue Mountain dog food and somehow I had both a 25% off and 40% off coupon. It applied the 25% off on my first S&S order and then I looked at the page again and there was a 40% off it let me use adding another bag for this month’s S&S order.

Didn’t work for me, unfortunately. Have bought cat food on Amazon before, tried a new brand that I hadn’t bought, still didn’t work. Would’ve been a nice deal!

I just got some dog food at bucks and this took it down to on ss…. Thank You

Just to clarify for everyone… you need to select a specific dog food and then “clip” the coupon for 40% off your first subscribe and save dog food order to get the discount. I have ordered dog food from Amazon before, but I have not subscribed to any dog food orders before and I qualify for the coupon.

have not used S&S for dog food–or any pet food

I do not have the 40% for any of the pet food listed on that page

Not sure why–it does not say targeted

It don’t work for people who used this 40% off in the past