PowerA Nintendo Switch Game Card Cases: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

PowerA Nintendo Switch Game Card Cases: Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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PowerA Nintendo Switch Game Card Cases
on sale for
$ 5.97 each
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PowerA Nintendo Switch Game Card Case: Zelda: Breath of the Wild
on sale for
$ 5.97
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About the product

  • Officially Licensed by Nintendo
  • Stores 12 Nintendo Switch game cards and 12 micro SD cards (games not included)
  • Form-fitting rubber slots secure game cards
  • Snap closure keeps cards secure
  • Compact for Easy portability

Been looking around for a good switch game card case, was gonna settle on the AmazonBasics one that could actually hold twice as many games compared to this PowerA one but the soft rubber interior really caught my attention. Plus it’s got such a cool design on the front like I can’t even, and there’s so much depth to it as well it’s pretty neat. The clip on the outside that keeps it shut does its job, doesn’t feel like it’ll snap off or anything if too much pull is applied. Game cartridges slide in easily enough, rubber grips hold them super well, and taking them out is a piece of cake. Love it. Would definitely gonna get another when I have more than 12 games to keep track of. Wish they’d make some cases for 3DS cartridges too.

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FYI the Zelda variety, which is the one on sale, has very long shipping for something labeled prime. 2-5 weeks before shipping.

Didn’t even notice, thanks for the heads up. Usually, they ship fairly quickly. but for the price, it doesn’t hurt. It is a great case I have 2.

I tried to get it from Gamestop to avoid the long shipping on Amazon but all three locations near me are out of all of them.


Ordered it from Amazon. Hopefully it ships quicker than it shows.



Yeah… tempting as anything Zelda is.. this is very good way to lose tons of game all at once. I just use the game holder in my case and don’t carry all games at once. Just a public service announcement.

Ha. I just happened upon a POW (the pow blocks from Mario) game card case from PowerA at a Wal-Mart for . It was the only game case of it’s kind so maybe they are being clearanced.

Using that same logic… Wouldn’t putting your switch in a case with games be a good way of losing your Switch and games??
Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)


Great deal OP – Thanks
Same goes for people who put car keys and house keys on the same keychain. If you lose it not only can you not get in your car, you can’t get in your house either.
A case/pouch your carry with switch inside. This won’t fit inside some pouches,so easy to get lost as it’s seperate imo.
I do the same thing.


Switch case = (guesstimate) 24″x8″


Game case = (guesstimate) 4″x 3″



Far easier to lose a tiny game case than the comparatively giant switch case.
Well, actually, leaving the house with the switch and game is #1 cause of losing it so don’t leave the house with it. Also leaving the house is #1 cause of death. And so on and on. Lol. All I’m saying is common sense, don’t leave all your eggs in one basket. Carry few with you if you’d like, and leave some or most at home so that some chance you misplace it, you won’t be out all of your games. I only carry like 4 at most in my switch case. You do you. Don’t cry after you lose that one case with 20+ games.

Anyone konw if this would fit 3DS game cartridges?



SD usually doesn’t like ebay posts, but this is from the sales depot (40,000+ feedbacks) if you don’t have a pickup option near by and you don’t want to down + to get free shipping. It is the question block one for .

It won’t fit 3DS or DS games but does fit PS Vita games