Playmobil Family Camping Trip Playset

Playmobil Family Camping Trip PlaysetAmazon
Playmobil Family Camping Trip Playset
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$ 8.99
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Playmobil Family Camping Trip Playset
on sale for
$ 8.99
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Thanks OP.


I really need to stop buying Playmobil stuff, starting to get expensive
laugh out loud

This looks like something my daughter would love to play with. Thanks for posting!

This will make a nice gift! Good price, thanks OP!!

Thanks! for all the positive support.

I liked the playground one a little better:…2ASS1BEV7M

Thanks for this. Originally ordered OPs but changed it as my 18 month old can probably play wwith the bigger pieces on this set easier

Playmobil toys are great, but as a parent of children who own several Playmobil sets, I’m not buying any more of them. The last thing my house needs is more tiny toy accessories scattered throughout the house. In a set like this, only a few pieces are meaningful while the rest are tiny accessories like flipflops and soda cans that will disappear into your carpet as soon as you open the box. Thumps up though because it’s a good price.

Another cute one:…0DER&psc=1

I bought both the camping and the playground sets earlier this month when they popped up. The playground came in a bigger box, but they both look so cute.


Thanks for the link – I bought this one as well!

Arrives before Christmas.
  • Have some fun in the sun on the Family Camping Trip!
  • Foldable pop-up tent can accommodate a family of four
  • The folding table and chairs make it easy to enjoy an outdoor meal
  • Heat up some food in the pots and pans on the hot plate or sip on a refreshing beverage from the cooler
  • Includes three figures, cat, clothes hanger with clothes pins, towels, cans of food, cups and plates, lantern, and other accessories

We bought this for our daughters ages 3, 7 and 10. Our 3 and 7 year old have shown a great interest in camping often playing pretend with their for a playhut tent so I thought this would be great. If is so detailed! The power cord is awesome! Be prepared…everything….everything needs assembled.