Petco Coupon (Print or Mobile): Nail Trim for Dogs

Petco Coupon (Print or Mobile): Nail Trim for Dogs
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Free Nail Trim for Dogs
in-store coupon
(print or mobile). Thanks DarthEagle

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) to use the coupon. Valid at Petco. Current vaccinations required. Limit one per household. Offer valid through 12/31/2018.

[Deal Review]:

Discrimination against cats.

Yeah good! They are boring

Thanks! Saves me !

Wow getting your leg humped and getting licked by a tongue that just ate its own vomit 5 minutes prior really excites you I guess.

Petco grooming have been known to kill dogs. I would never take my dog there.

Death by toenail trimmer. #2 most common reason why dogs die. I’m not buying it.
shake head

I’m identifying as a dog tomorrow, tired of trimming my nails, hope they give me a back scrub and clean out my glands as well!!

They might throw you in the dryer and forget about it 🤷🏽 ♂️
Nah, dog owners love picking up warm poo lol.
No, getting my apartment sprayed by a male cat’s urine that smells like ammonia is more exciting!
Can you elaborate?
There have been some incidences where the dog was not returned to it’s owner in it’s previous lively state.

The store near me is kind of rough with with one of my dogs. Twice they overextended her legs causing a pulled muscle that shows up a few hours later. Let them know she is sensitive but it happened the second time. Not going back for her. She is the most calm too so i don’t know what is going on. My Other dog gets nervous but this is never an issue for her.

I believe they have good intentions most times, but they just want to get the job done quickly.
The terms say it is a single-use coupon and void if copied or transferred.