PapaJohns new rewards plan (in beta so YMMV?)

When I logged into my account at papajohn’s tonight, it mentioned a new beta version of their rewards program and gave me the option of joining it.

The current plan gives you a point for every $ 5 spent.

After 25 points ($ 125 spent) you get a free pizza.

The new plan gives you 1 point per dollar and it takes 75 points ($ 75 in spending) to get a $ 10 reward.

So you spend less to get to a reward, but the reward payout is now $ 10 rather than a free pizza straight up. If you do what I normally do and get the $ 10 3-item large special, the change is great. If you normally order some fancy expensive pizza, not so much.

They bumped up my points to 55 of 75 needed (I can’t remember what I had before converting) and dropped an offer for free bread sticks into my account. This seems to be another new thing. That they’ll give free stuff on occasion (hopefully not just this one time).

I don’t know how many people they are inviting, but if you see it, now you know what you could be getting if you do.