Overcooked! 2 (Xbox One)

Overcooked! 2 (Xbox One)Walmart
Overcooked! 2
(Xbox One) on sale for
$ 20.77
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No longer available

S&S in title? Free with prime you mean?

Whoops, edited. Thanks for catching that!

How is this game playing online with others?

Looking for switch version
but good find op

This game was highly recommended! Play in group of 2-4 preferably. Really goood game for party!

Overcooked2 for Nintendo Switch!

Same Price, I just bought one!


ps4 version dead?

Sadly yup.

Overcooked original was free for Xbox Live members a bit ago. We enjoy playing it as a group. Is 2 worth the upgrade?

Still available from Walmart


Xbox One:

It is to me. The second one adds some new recipes and you can throw stuff which becomes a ton of fun and an added element to some stages. Also you can play online with friends or randoms in an arcade mode
I am seeing