OtterBox iPad Air 2 Defender Series Case & Stand (Black)

OtterBox iPad Air 2 Defender Series Case & Stand (Black)
OtterBox iPad Air 2 Defender Series Case & Stand
(Black, Bulk Packaging) on sale for
$ 9.95
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Never heard of A4C. Legit?

Great deal, thanks OP!

Will this work with the new 9.7 ipad?

Yep. Legit. Used them for cables.
I have the same question!
Makes 2 of us lol
I am not 100% but my son’s new ipad would not fit in an older case I had for an iPad air 2. The new ipad is a little thicker. I don’t know if this case can accomodate the difference or not but there appears to be a difference.
No, this will fit the iPad Air 2 ONLY due to size differences and button placement. With that being said OtterBox is extremely overpriced and at this is a good deal, at retail cost there are so many other better options available.

How does slickdeals not know about the Otterbox/Lifeproof warranty trick? Essentially for any case they have. Just go to warranty and claim one. No proof is needed, but obviously, only do it if you had a case in the past that broke.

It will not fit as this is for IPad Air . Ipad 9.7 is a bit thicker than air

I have this for my iPad pro and like it a lot. It’s bulky but super sturdy. I only use the outside shell as a stand – and I don’t travel with it just because of how big it is. I used to use the Apple smart cover case but didn’t feel like it had the right viewing angles, and any time I adjusted the way it (or I) was sitting, it’d collapse.


One minor caveat worth noting about this case is that over time, your lightning charger or headphone cable will take a bit of a beating because the rubber flaps that cover those ports creates some resistance against the wires. Hard to explain, so here’s a picture to visually show what I mean:


Aside from that, I like this case a lot. I got mine from Amazon Warehouse for a few months ago. So at this price, it’s a steal. Don’t know anything about the legitimacy of A4C, though.

Thanks… got one for my son’s Air 2…. his current UAG case is falling apart.

Thanks op! They are selling it for the same price from the A4C amazon store in case you don’t trust

  • Compatible with iPad Air 2
  • Triple-layer defense: inner shell, outer cover and touchscreen protector
  • Screen protection: built in to keep your brilliant display flawless
  • Port covers: stop dirt, dust and lint from getting into jacks and ports
  • Shield stand: includes stand for hand-free convenience

We decided to purchase this case based on our previous experience with otterbox products & we have a 2 year that uses it. The entire case does add some bulk to the air 2 which is fine with us. The case was very easy to assemble with the iPad & also to take apart once the iPad was in it.
Before assembling I cleaned the ipad screen & the plastic cover inside and out so there were no dust particles under the screen. My main concern was how responsive the screen would be with the attached screen cover. It is perfect, you don’t even realize there is a screen cover on the case. It is very responsive with no issues. Easy to clean & does not seem to scratch easily.
We love the fact that the back/stand piece attaches to the front to protect the front when not in use and adds extra protection to the back & sides when attached to the back while using. It can of course be used without the stand piece attached which does cut down on the bulk. The stand is very sturdy our 2 year old uses it for his eductional apps & the iPad stays on the stand even with him pressing the screen. He does not have a gentle touch.
The case does not affect the sound quality at all. The volume buttons & sleep/power button also respond well while in the case. Based on the case design even though this is NOT a waterproof case it does appear that this case would help save your iPad from small spills. So far the case has protected our iPad from 2 drops from approx 3 ft once on carpet & then on tile with zero damage to the iPad. I highly recommend this case and all otterbox products to everyone!
Update 6/30/2015: the stand feature on the outside case broke. Contacted otter box & within 24 hours an entire new case shipped in 24 hours. Did have to pay a $2.99 handling fee but felt it was worth it to have the entire case replaced