Optishot 2 Golf Simulator

Optishot 2 Golf Simulator
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Optishot 2 Golf Simulator
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  • Bundle includes OptiShot 2 Infrared Golf Simulator Set PLUS Extra Swing Pad Replacement Turf & 15ft Extension USB Cable
  • OptiShot 2 Infrared Simluator Set includes Infrared Optical Swing Pad, OptiShot Golf 3D Software, USB Cable (10ft), Foam Practice Balls and Adjustable Rubber Tees
  • Extra 15ft USB Extension Cable – Perfect for setting up the OptiShot in a large area, the standard 10ft USB cable usually isn’t long enough!
  • Extra Swing Pad Replacement Turf – Constant use can wear down the Optical Swing Pad, having a backup will keep up swinging!
  • Comes with 1-Year Warranty, Software Updates and 1-2-3 Startup Guide
  • Connect to HDTV or Projector

I use this toy quite often and it has helped me fine tune my golf swing. I set it up in my garage and use the “Almost Golf” balls. I truly like it and will continue using it. Information provided is club head speed, path through the hitting zone and face angle. The only bit of information I want is angle of attack.

[Deal Review]:

Man, this is a great deal. I wish I had more room where I could play in my house.

My dad actually acquired and hooked one of these up in his house a few years back. Not surprisingly, it’s not
accurate, but it is relatively consistent and pretty entertaining during the winter months when outdoor golf isn’t particularly feasible.

Awesome deal. Thank you.

I own one and would highly recommend buying a mat that fits around it if you or anyone you will let try it isn’t a good golfer. 2nd week after building a setup a friend came over and cracked the casing with a sub par swing.

Optishot has the Optishot2 plus the lifetime software updates and unlimited tournaments for 9. Stand-alone this lifetime software is 9 so a little cheaper to buy from Optishot if you value this

I bought mine 2.5 years ago and couldn’t end up using it because I only had an outdoor swing net and direct or ambient sunlight causes major issues with the sensors. I moved into a new house 6 months ago and just a few weeks ago I set it up in my garage and am really happy with it. the fact it can track your swing path, i.e inside out or outside in, In addition to whether your club face is open or closed makes it very useful. Don’t expect this to act like a 00 launch monitor, but there is a lot of useful feedback you can get from this to improve your swing. Fluorescent or high pressure sodium lights is what they recommend, I wouldn’t even try to use this outdoors. I used to have to wait until the sun went down then put a bright LED flood light onto my mat + sensor mat. This worked alright but wasn’t practical due to the fact my driver sounds like a gunshot when I hit it and I was relegated to playing in the dark.

It’s worth noting that the sensors can have trouble with dark clubs or clubs with irregularly contoured soles. Sometimes this can be remedied by putting tape on the sole. You can also play with no ball, a foam ball, or a real ball. I’ve also noticed if I top the ball the sensors pick up on it. This does not track the ball at all, I.e. Ball speed or spin, you’ll will have to pay thousands more for anything that does this as far as I’m aware.



here is the link. probably worth the extra 120?

I built out a setup based on this controller in my garage about 4 years ago. The optishot is recessed into an 8×4 turf platform. I hit almost golf balls into a screen I project the course on made from a mesh tarp/white sheet/fabric. My entire system is portable so I can get 2 cars in here when not in use. I think I paid about the same for the optishot back then from a clearance at dicks. Total setup excluding the projector (old LG I repurposed from my theater) was around 0 or so.


Wasn’t a golfer at the time (still not), but it is fun to drink some beers and play a few holes with my friends who are golfers when they come to town.

If looking for a little fun with buddies, get this.


If looking for a lot of fun, becoming absolutely addicted to golf, and becoming a way better ball striker, get a Skytrak or other launch monitor, if you can swing it (sorry).


I was looking to improve, got an optishot, sold it soon after.


Got a Skytrak, best golf of my life by a long shot (sorry again).

The only reason I wanted a ranch with a basement was setting up something like this. Ended up buying a 2 story instead last year.

I have had a setup in my garage for a few years now with a 120″ projector screen. I stopped hitting balls and just swing away instead. Much quicker gameplay. It is a lot of fun & it can improve your game.

Is this dead? Just seeing an auction going on it right now.

Optishot is great. I had a lot of fun with it but moved to a house with lower ceilings. Once you get things calibrated correctly, it’s a lot of fun and it never hurts to get some swings in.