Okami HD (Xbox One)

Okami HD (Xbox One)
Okami HD
(Xbox One) on sale for
$ 11.69
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Okami HD
(Xbox One) on sale for
$ 11.44
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[Deal Review]:

Nice price, not bad at all. I think I picked it up for *EDIT: , last January* that seemed like a fair price.

I put in a few hours and it’s a game that definitely needs a remake to fully enjoy IMO. Unless you can easily tolerate “open-world” gaming from
generations ago (it originally came out as a PS2 game in
and next-to-nothing was updated, besides the textures being uprezed), it’s a bit of a slog roaming around these modest-sized semi-open levels full of very-little.

I may be a bit cynical, I was impressed with the previews for the game when it very first debuted and then waited to pick it up for the Wii and just never got around to it until this past year.

I am on the same page with you. Would never pay full price for the game, but worth it for sub bucks. Shows its age.
Thank you for the input. I will wait. This game definitely will have remake sometimes in the future.
Maybe, maybe not. Reading through the Wikipedia page, development was hell, and the original ports were also a disaster. And none of them made sales goals–despite being critically lauded at the time.

I think, at best, we’ll see a sequel, if anything. Who knows though.
So it would probably need some crowdfunding help like Shenmue 3 and Psychonauts 2.

Love this game. I already platinum’ed it on PS4 (it was a borrowed copy), so it’s not too bad to have a permanent Xbox copy as well for some more achievements.

I’ve been waiting for a price like this. Have never played this game and always wanted to try it, it really looks like art. Would have preferred Ps4 or Switch at this price but I’ll bite I think.

FYI, the MSRP for this game is . In my opinion, it’s one of the best Zelda-esque adventure games.

There’s a bit of “drawing” in this game and imo it’s actually slightly better on PS4/Switch/PC since you can use those hardware features to help draw. On Xbox you’re stuck with the analog stick, but PS4 has touchpad, Switch has touchscreen, and PC has mouse. So just something to consider.
Gamestop seems to have it on sale for PS4: .99 used. Worth the difference?
Cheaper is always better!

Less than or forget it

Seems like a good price for a well made and unique game.

Serious question though: how many games get updated the next generation and two generations later? I know there have been some updated game packages, like the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, but they marketes toward being an updated “classic” game and contain multiple original releases. I am not knocking this, game or re-release, just can’t think of another.

On a side note, I would like to see another Katamari Damacy game!

As someone who had the original on PS2, at .99 the game is worth it (I purchased it again).

At this price for disc, jump on it.