NutriBullet Pro 900W 13-Pc Blender/Mixer w/ Hardcover Recipe Book

NutriBullet Pro 900W 13-Pc Blender/Mixer w/ Hardcover Recipe Book
NutriBullet Pro 900W 13-Piece Blender/Mixer System with Hardcover Recipe Book
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  • Pulverizes the toughest fruits, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods for nutritious protein shakes, nut butters and green smoothies
  • High-torque power base with powerful 900-watt motor
  • Power, patented stainless steel blade design with cyclonic action
  • Includes power base, 2 colossal cups, 1 emulsifying blade, 2 flip-top lids, 2 handled lip rings, 2 comfort lip rings, pocket nutritionist, hardcover recipe book and user manual
  • Includes 1-year warranty and access to hundreds of smoothie recipes

Unit arrived in good order, but I believe the NutriBullet Company’s products are made cheaply compared to what they were just a couple of years ago. I tried my new unit yesterday and I do know that you have to seal the blades onto the plastic glass container rather securely. I did. However, quite a bit of my drink ended up leaking out and dripping down into the motor housing…what?!!? I’m not a weak person, and I do know how to secure the unit prior to mixing a smoothie…but it leaks, simple as that. Totally unacceptable, not to mention somewhat dangerous – I imagine. Returning item for refund. NutriBullet needs to use much more effective gasket, I guess.

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Just fried my old one and in need of a new one. Thanks and rep

If I didn’t still have the Ninja Pulse, I’d be all over this. Can anyone comment, though, on how this 900W version handles greens in smoothies? My Ninja still makes the texture undrinkable, so I use my Vitamix exclusively for greens. Inconvenient cleaning in the mornings, though.

I have a 900W nutrininja pro and my roommate has the 900W nutribullet, both seem to do a similar job with frozen greens and blend them well but I’m picky about it and give it a solid 20-30 seconds for them to really get blended in my smoothie. Also chopped spinach that’s frozen is what I start with, frozen chopped kale and even cut leaf spinach don’t blend as well for me for w/e reason.
It handles all types of leafy greens, (e.g spinach, kale) very well. Something like raw broccoli it has a harder time with.

I have this. Can’t be beat by any unit under 0. It’s got just enough power to handle a little bit of everything. Lots of great accessories. I use it for veggie and fruit smoothies. My wife uses it for baby food prep. It even does a decent job grinding coffee beans.

So tempted to get this. Does anyone know how well this thing handles in making fruit smoothies? We are still using just a regular old drink blender at home and most of the time it works very well for us. I’m open minded to trying this product if it does a better job.


edit: nevermind. Several of the comments I’ve read on Amazon state this particular model is crap. And many of them happen to be verified purchasers who have uploaded their own personal photos of broken/defective parts. I’m going to be taking a hard pass on this.

I just bought this yesterday. Sorry for not posting my find. GJ OP.

Great deal.Bought this for

Reviews mention leaks out of the base?

Brought a very similar Ninja from Sears yday for . 900w tried this morning, did pretty good. If you have any syw points lying around, could be a good deal. I don’t know how well Ninja compares to Nutribullet.…856262000P

Does it handle crushed ice or frozen berries for smoothies well? I used a bella cucina rocket blender and it was bad for those

What’s with the poor top reviews on this? Is it actually a good product?

I have purchased this version over the years at least 3 times usually at around 100.If you are planning on using this daily then it’s going to eventually start to leak.Also, the accessories are super flimsy and are going to break. After a year of use I’m down to one cup since I dropped one and it cracked. At 50, I think I’ll wait till my second cup breaks and get something better. Since I relied on this blender for a year I feel I got my moneys worth but this is definitely my least favorite version ofthe nutribullet.