Nostalgia Electrics Circus Animal Waffle Maker $5, Mini Cupcake Maker

Nostalgia Electrics Circus Animal Waffle Maker $ 5, Mini Cupcake Maker

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. Thanks daisybeetle

Are these any good? I can’t imagine a 5 dollar home appliance being any good.


Waste of space and money. “But it’s only ” > said 100 times a year.

Got the animal waffle maker as a small gift! Thanks.

Also a cupcake maker:…Id=4329401

All aboard the ‘Bacon Express’ choo choo

Cupcake maker sold out

waffle maker also OOS

cant ship to my area..

That’s something I can get onboard with…

Oos not available

Oos on the waffle maker

  • Makes a dog, cat, elephant and lion waffle in each batch
  • Die-cast aluminum griddle for even heat disbursement
  • Easy-to-clean non-stick cooking plates
  • Locking latch secures lid during baking
  • Recipes included

Very small waffles produced from this waffle maker. If you need to make more than one waffle at a time then you’re not going to like this machine because it only makes a tiny tiny waffle each go so you’ll be sitting there making waffles for a long time if you got 3 kids.