Nintendo Switch w/ Super Smash Bros Ultimate & Pro Controller (Various Colors)

Nintendo Switch w/ Super Smash Bros Ultimate & Pro Controller (Various Colors)
SNG Trading via Rakuten
Nintendo Switch Console + Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Pro Controller
(Various Colors) for $ 429.95 – $ 70 when you apply corresponding promo code provided below at checkout =
$ 359.95
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About the product

  • Kick your game sessions up a notch with the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller adorned with a special Super Smash Bros. Ultimate logo
  • Includes motion controls, HD Rumble feature, built-in amiibo functionality*, and more
  • Also includes charging cable (USB-C to USB-A)
  • *amiibo sold separately. Visit amiibo (dot) com for details on amiibo functionality

That’s a really terrible title for this post, but we all know why you’re thinking about getting it.

“Should I get this controller to replace my Gamecube controller for Smash Ultimate?” And if you want a TL;DR, the answer is “depends on your experience”.

I come from a background of playing pretty casually at school tournaments and with friends. The Gamecube controller was the go to controller for me and all my friends. However, I did not play professionally which makes it easy for me to “jump ship” and try a new controller out. Hence, that’s why I will be using this controller for any amateur / professional tournaments in the future.

So, for the actual review of the product. It fits perfectly in the palms of your hand with an equal weight distribution. It has enough heft to it to not feel as light as a feather, but enough that I don’t get fatigued from holding it. The buttons main buttons on the right hand side are larger than the JoyCons, but a bit more squishy which I enjoy. The larger L and R buttons on the rear for shielding has an amazing feel to it, and so do the grab rockers.

One thing that is going to take time to get use to is the analog sticks. They feel a bit longer than the Gamecube ones, and at times when I’m clicking the B button with my right thumb, it will glide against that lower right analog stick. That is probably the only gripe I have with the controller, but it’s probably because I have a big thumb or something.

I love this controller so far, and with an amazing battery life of 40+ hours it is hard to beat. I just recently bought a travel case to keep this little sucker safe on the go and will get back to you all when I find out if that is good or not.

Smash. Definitely smash. No pass.

[Deal Review]:

How is this compared to Costco deal with Mario kart 8, wheel controller, and pro a controller?

Do you have a link to the Costco deal?

Basically a pro controller for free which is . Pretty decent deal. Wish I didn’t buy my switch last week lol.

You’re telling me. I wish I didn’t buy mine 18 months ago!

Looking forward to the new generation of Switch.

The pro controller in that deal was not the Nintendo controller; the brand in the Costco deal retailed for ~. This is the official Nintendo version which essentially makes it free.




The BF deal (no longer available):…e-dec-2018


Edit 2:


I was looking at this bundle for a friend at the time and swear the bundled controller was around then. I guess I was wrong as camel says the lowest it was in the past was ; either way still a better deal and a great bundle if you’re looking to play smash.
Why? So you can keep waiting?
That BF deal that is no longer available:…e-dec-2018


I guess this was a pretty good deal. I keep waiting to see if anything better comes up since I haven’t opened it.

Google Express had a deal for this combo for 300 but sold out quick (urlhasbeenblocked which has a bad rep as a seller), I think this is the best deal right now especially compared to the Mario Kart pack from Costco since Smash is newer and you can probably get Mario Kart for cheaper.


If you can’t wait then this deal is alright and if you’re looking for the pro controller.


I’m personally waiting for after xmas and to see how the reviews are for the gamecube controllers.

What new generation of Switch? 2 or 3 years from now? lol

SNG Trading sucks, check their reviews. They sent me a refurbished Switch as new in a bubble mailer. Still fighting Rakuten to get my money back.

Wait. How did you know it was a refurbished?