Nintendo Switch Digital Games: Shu $5, Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Nintendo Switch Digital Games: Shu $ 5, Diablo III: Eternal Collection
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About the product

  • Signs of the end times draw powerful heroes from all over sanctuary to Rise up and defeat an evil Reborn
  • Challenge Death itself as malthael-angel of death-attempts to harness the infernal powers of the Black soul stone
  • Commanding the powers of Blood, bone, and armies of undead, the necromancer joins the fight

have to say, i’m impressed. as a long time d1-3 player my only problem was being slaved to the PC to enjoy D3. at least 1-2 had offline modes. i was slightly skeptical d3 on the switch would be scaled down somewhat, as far as gameplay goes, it’s all there. i do think some of the more dynamic background art is missing (like the bondage titans in the hell-fire tower) but that’s fine. no. it doesn’t have ANY in-game communication, chat, nothing. on one hand i wish i could thank people for successful rift runs and the like. on the other hand i won’t hear abusive chat or have to work through some clunky phone application. i wish there was a way to get my long-earned pc status synced down to the switch. but starting over from scratch doesn’t take that long. i got a seasonal character to 70 in a few hours.

graphics are great, with very rare slowdowns. audio is good, i think the music is even better. the controls and menu systems will take a little getting used to, but they make sense. my only complaint is the long load times, especially if the game host drops in the middle of the game and it has to switch to a new host. you’ll lose your progress as well. disappointing.

give this a solid 4 out of 5. if you’re a fan of the diablo series, own a switch, and want to play on-the-go, then this game will be money well spent.

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Bought Diablo yesterday and I can’t stop playing it.. Any other game recommendations from this list?

Good price for Bloody zombie! Up to 4 players co-op final fight type game.

Good price for Bloody zombie! Up to 4 players co-op final fight type game. Fun as one player also.

I recommend Pianista to anyone who enjoys classical music. Very soothing to play/listen with ear buds.

Yeah, alphabetized would be nice. . .

Any good RPGs? Just got the switch this week and only have Super smash Bros

New to this, can someone explain why there are apparently two nintendo eshop deals from the same poster, other than games being different? I mean, why not combine into one list?

Xenoblade Chronicle 2 is great. I also love FF 15 pocket edition.
check out and then wait for an Octopath Traveler deal

Stacks well with the 20% off Nintendo codes from Swych earlier in the week.

How long do Nintendo e-shop sales prices typically last for?

Usually one week

Broken Age for .50 is a solid deal for a good game.