Nintendo Switch Digital Games: Party Golf or The Next Penelope $5, Cat Quest

Nintendo Switch Digital Games: Party Golf or The Next Penelope $  5, Cat Quest
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Nintendo Switch Digital Games
on sale listed below. Thanks longmanj9

[Deal Review]:

Any 2 player game worth buying in this list?

Looking for 2-4 player COOP. Any recommendations? Thanks.

seeing the Europe sale makes me feel ripped off

Anything good/recommendations for a 5 year old getting his first switch?

The game “No Thing” has to be a joke. It sounds horrible. The description says it’s MIGRAINE inducing with a weird story line…NO Thanks. I get migraines without playing games no need to make it worse. And the headline of it’s 1994 and the future…just doesn’t seem right.

Rive is a crazy fun 2 player shooter but it’s a non traditional multiplayer style. In co-op mode one person controls the ship’s weapons and the other person is the pilot. Every time you die the players switch roles

Any games similar to harvest moon/story of seasons/stardew valley?

Runbow is local multiplayer up to 9 players, FWIW.

Yep, they also get deep discounts on AAA titles from day 1. All about demand.

My family plays a lot of Party Golf. Including the cat when he sleeps on a controller. Turn on explosions and democracy for extra fun.

I hope they run some of these sales after Christmas after the kiddos open up their switch.

Just checked Qbik review and looks an interesting puzzle, 8/10 at Steam.