New Customers: Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker w/ Heart Rate

New Customers: Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker w/ Heart Rate
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New Customers
Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracker w/ Heart Rate
(Black/Graphite or Rose/Blue Grey) for $ 119.96 – $ 10 off w/ new customer promo code
$ 109.96
Shipping is free
. Thanks sluser978

Note, must be a New Customer to purchase at the sale price, otherwise, price is $ 119.96.

[Deal Review]:

Have they fixed all the issues with charge 3 yet? Reviews tell me to walk way.

What issues? Mine seems to be working fine.
Walk away… I see what you did there!

Great deal; however seems like eBay has new unused for the same price no tax.

Expect to go even lower as unwanted presents get unloaded in the coming months…


My charge 3 got the frowny face screen after using it for only 5 days. Resetting it temporarily gives me a smiley face but it always returns to the frown. Apparently a lot of other people are having similar problems. They are sending me a replacement but I’m not confident in the quality. I enjoyed using it before it failed on me.

Edit: this is a good deal if yours doesn’t break.

Does anyone know if the fitbit charge has a stop watch? Also, im thinking about buying the honor 4 by huawei. Does that have a stop watch?


Yes the charge 3 has a stop watch

I believe not too long ago we saw around for the charge 3 on SD. I would hold off for better pricing.

We did – and for the Versa. It was a very limited deal. We could see it again – I pray we do in the next 8 weeks as I need to get one for my wife’s birthday!

No problems here. Loving mine.

Compared to the Charge 2, the Charge 3 over counts steps. The software is also buggy and the touchscreen is not responsive.

I got the versa off amazon a few weeks ago for 90 after seeing the deal on here. Wearing it now. Just stinks I bought one for my gf at full price (200) last spring. I would wait around for a better price.