Nest 3rd Gen $69, Nest E $29, Exobee $89 (NYSEG and RG&E Customers Only) ; A/C Smart Saving Reward Enrollment Req.


Get an instant $ 110 off a smart thermostat with your NYSEG rebate and Smart Savings Rewards enrollment.
On top of our $ 25 NYSEG instant rebate, you can now earn an additional $ 85 instant incentive when you enroll your central air conditioning connected ecobee or Nest thermostat in NYSEG Smart Savings Rewards. By claiming the $ 85 incentive, you agree to let NYSEG make brief, limited adjustments to your connected thermostat during times of peak summer electric demand. For each adjustment event you fully participate in, we’ll thank you with a $ 5 bill credit.
You’ll save energy and money without sacrificing comfort and help NYSEG keep the electric grid reliable for you and all customers.
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