Nerf Rival Overwatch McCree Blaster Pre-Order

Nerf Rival Overwatch McCree Blaster Pre-Order
has select
Nerf Rival Overwatch Blaster Pre-Orders
on sale for the prices below.
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. Thanks Gohmzilla and yotsubachan

Note, these have a scheduled release date of 1/1/2019. Refer to the forum thread for additional deal ideas.

[Deal Review]:

It is all of the overwatch blasters, not just mcree’s. Thanks for posting!…atch,28zu0

Thank you! Preordered the Reaper and McCree blasters!.

Insane deal for a pre-order… 5 to order all 4.

Bought all 3! Just to let you know in case anyone didn’t realize. The mcree blaster holds 1 round. The dva pistol holds 3. And reaper holds 8 shots each.

For the Reapers, is it silly they sell 2 guns which take 2 hands to prime? Seems like they missed out on an opportunity to use a battery powered flywheel on that set.

I’m pretty sure the one is a random one of three.
Yes it is, I ordered all 4 and hoping to get the tracer or torbjorn gun. Only so not too upset. Great prices even for rival Nerf guns.

I don’t see the retail price for these anywhere so how do we know it is really 50% off ?

Good question, based off their pricing of past collectors blasters (for example, dead pool and boba fett), the listed retail pricing is on point. Which is about double their non collectors counter part. However, the big difference on these are that they were designed based off of Overwatch weapons, where as the previous collectors ones were just repaints of regular rival blasters. The Overwatch sale pricing puts them at about the price range of regular rival blasters, you are paying for the collaboration licensing on these.

In for DVA’s… it’s just too damn cute not to. It’s going next to my box of Lucio Oh’s I get on Thursday
Big Grin

I’ve been watching these on GameStop for awhile, they’ve all been priced exactly double these prices. So either it’s a weird sale, a price mistake, or a permanent reduction in prices. Either way, these are prices I am more than willing to pay for guns like this.

Wrong! All u do is drop the guns and 2 new ones reappear in your hands.
They are pre-order.. i believe some were only revealed this year so the MSRP is probably true since I don’t see the ability to pre-order them anywhere else from a quick search.