NASHBAR Fuji Nevada 1.3 27.5″ Mountain Bike $454.99 SHIPPED $454.97

This is another very good entry point into mountain biking, please avoid the $ 89 Roadmaster type bikes from Walmart/Target- the difference is night and day. This is an actual mountain bike with a decent component spec at a VERY good price and with modest upgrades throughout the years will allow you to explore and enjoy the off-roads and trails around you. A bike similiarly spec’d from a LBS will cost $ 200-300 more, but do visit your LBS for service, tire pumps, patch kits and other accessories. This is generally considered a beginner bike, but if MTB becomes your passion, you will likely want to upgrade after a year or 2 without taking a major hit reselling this one.…3-yb-n2713