Moss (PlayStation VR Digital Download)

Moss (PlayStation VR Digital Download)
PlayStation Store
(PlayStation VR Digital Download) for
$ 19.79
. Thanks thoomin & They-call-me-Nobody

Also available,
PlayStation Store
Moss + Soundtrack Bundle
(PlayStation VR Digital Download) for
$ 23.09

[Deal Review]:

Amazing game. A must for PS VR

It’s also .79 without music. I got it a week ago.

The game by itself is only if you don’t want the soundtrack.…ME00000000

Thanks, OP

Is this a permanent price drop?

I tried the demo when the game first came out and I wasn’t that impressed – graphics were meh (maybe better with PS4 Pro?) and the camera angles/movement felt odd. I might give it another try, but I’m hoping it drops even more now that this game was bundled with PSVR this holiday season.

Is the soundtrack good?

I did some rudimentary research and it seems the game isn’t complete (apparently there’s a sequel coming), and also that it’d be disappointing after Astrobots: Rescue Mission. Since I’m only 3/5ths done with Rescue Mission I’ll wait for the price to come down some more.

It has great reviews so I bought it a while ago on PC. I dont enjoy puzzle maps, but the game is well done. I gave up on it rather quickly.

Lucky’s Tale was much more fun.

And decided not to share?
5- worth of content and 2 hrs of gameplay? No replay value. Ps eye limitations are frustrating on this game. Pretty average game IMO.

I bought the physical copy so I could resell.
Lucky’s Tale isn’t available on PSVR, is it?

I personally really enjoyed it and think that this is a great price. Granted, if I had to chose between this and Astrobots: Rescue Mission, I’d go with Astrobots BUT it did come out
this game and had Sony developers. That said, I’ll be pre-ordering the sequel to Moss because I dug it so much.