Magazine Sale: Thomas & Friends $13.50/yr, Paw Patrol

Magazine Sale: Thomas & Friends $  13.50/yr, Paw Patrol
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Magazine Sale
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  • Paw Patrol $ 12.99/yr (up to 2 years)
    • Apply coupon code 10496
  • Thomas & Friends $ 13.49/yr (up to 2 years)
    • Apply coupon code 10496

[Deal Review]:

Thanks, was looking to renew Thomas and this saves me $

Can someone comment on the quality of these 2 magazines? Like the amount of actual reading materials vs ads? TIA!

My 4 year old LOVES the paw patrol mag

No ads

Lots of work sheets, games? Stickers, etc

Thanks. Im gonna try the Thomas.

My 4 yr old twins love the Paw Patrol one. Filled with stickers and coloring pages, puzzles/mazes/word searches. I think it’s quarterly, or maybe every other month. At any rate, it was worth it for us to get two subs. We usually hang on to the new one and give it as a surprise for a long car trip or flight. Keeps them busy for a while.
Agreed, just got our first issue and the 3 year old was delighted. Definitely worth it for this price. Probably wouldn’t pay more than this though.

If you proceed to check out with 12 months, it will trigger an offer for another off for the second year. Got suckered in, lol.

By the way, do these automatically renew? I unchecked the deal-lock checkbox, but I am not sure if that means it will automatically cancel subscription when the two years are up. Please let me know.

Edit: NVM, found the answer on FAQ. They do not automatically renew if you uncheck the deal-lock checkbox during checkout.

How many pages does each issue have? Thanks.

I just received the first issue of Paw Patrol from last promotion. It has 52 pages. Only the first page and one insert are ad. It has two stories from TV show. Lots of activities for drawing and writing. There are 57 stickers for different activities through out the mag. I think most activities will be difficult for 3-year-old, should be good for 4 or 5 years old kids.

My daughter loves this magazine!

My son has the Paw patrol one and he really likes it. He’s 6 now.

Magazines are great, as far as quality and activities inside. That being said, you have to stay on top of them to actually GET your magazine.