Line 6 Variax Standard guitar scratch and dent $549

Good deal on a Line 6 Variax Standard guitar—$ 549 instead of the regular $ 899.

I’ve been wanting one for a while, these guitars are soooo cool–you can change instruments (’59 Strat, ’59 Les Paul, ’60 Telecaster, ES-335, several acoustic guitars, banjo, sitar, etc.) and tunings on the fly with dials, plus it works like a regular guitar with magnetic pickups.

These are scratch & dent guitars, but no shipping (possibly no tax) with full warranty. Sweetwater is also super easy about returns if you don’t like something. They have black, white, and sunburst:…atch-black…atch-white…h-sunburst

Product info page:…-standard/

Watch these if you don’t know anything about them: