LEGO The Incredibles (Nintendo Switch)

LEGO The Incredibles (Nintendo Switch)
LEGO The Incredibles
(Nintendo Switch) on sale for
$ 19.99
. Select free store pickup where stock permits. Thanks ballz50401 

[Deal Review]:

It’s been this price for sometime, at various retail outlets and online. Meh at most.

How is .99 a meh deal when this deal can be had for .99 for one day out of 365 days?

Finally I can use the gift card from BF console purchase. Not many deals with gamestop so this is great!

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was at Best Buy on Black Friday. If you aren’t in a hurry, you might wait for a similar deal.

Its been 20 bucks way more than one day out of the year. I saw it at black friday and got one. Then got one for my family at walmart a week or so later

So two days.
Lol i saw it online at walmart and didnt buy it that day.. it was actually several days later that i bought it for 19.99.

To each their own. I would bet it will drop again before another 365 days
Oh I 100% agree the price will drop. I don’t think the game sold well so Ubisoft the publisher is trying to move old stock.

I’m waiting for a cheap Gold edition, might have to get the one at Costco.

Well I am in for the Rabbid Rabbit or whatever it is game,….. on the fence on the other…… My kids will love it…..

I guess I am one of the people who missed those one or two days where they were giving these away.

Thanks/Repped OP.

Bummer, no pickup offered in my local store. I have to decide if shipping is worth it for the Incredibles game.

How is the LEGO The Incredibles? Thanks

Others on sale as well:​



The site says free shipping on or more, but then they add a “handling fee.” Anyone else seeing this? Seems ridiculous!