LaView Wi-Fi 1080p Video Doorbell Camera

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LaView Wi-Fi 1080p Video Doorbell Camera
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This is the same unit sold as Hikvision, RCA, Uniden, LTS Security, and others. The price is 0 less than the original price a little over a year ago. GREAT DEAL POST!!

Appears to be ONVIF so I might skip the app and just add to Blue Iris. That said, for anyone in the know, are there any other better options in this price range?

I seriously doubt you’ll find anything near this camera in this price range.

Black Bush for me, please.






My guess is this is what Wyze is going to release next for -.

This is a much cheaper alternative to Doorbird. While it does lack some comparative features, it’s hard to beat the price.


It does have ONVIF and RTSP so integrating it with Blue Iris is a breeze. The tricky part is capturing the pressing of the doorbell button. Here’s a roundabout way to accomplish that:


Also make sure you’re giving it enough power through your existing doorbell transformer. There have been reports of poor connection or audible buzzing coming from the device if not enough power is provided.

The official app sucks though just heads up.

Is this doorbell compatible with Alexa?

Does it ring existing doorbell chime if wired using existing cables?

I would strongly recommend against this product.

I cannot speak for the similar product sold by Hikvision / RCA / LTS, but for LaView, their app on both Android and iOS is really bad. I used this product for a year, and recently I couldn’t take it anymore and replaced it with another product.


I’m sure some of the reasons I listed here are due to the inexperience of user, but I’m just listing them here. Just to be clear I had strong wifi signal and 16v doorbell transformer output.


1. The doorbell goes offline very often, especially during night time. I found my doorbell offline at night all the time.

2. The video quality for night vision is bad. It has a lot of glares in my case. I uploaded a screenshot here:

3. If the internet went out for a second and came back, the doorbell will not reconnect quickly. Eventually it will reconnect but I don’t know how long it would take.

4. The android app requires login every time I open it. It will not keep me logged in.

5. The sound quality is very bad with very low volume. When someone is at my door, I could hardly hear what that person is saying even though I have turned my volume to max.

6. Using MicroSD card to record videos on motion detection never really worked well for me. I used the MicroSD card that came with the doorbell. One time it suddenly said the card was not formatted. I formatted again, but still it never really recorded onto the card after that. That may be just the issue of the microSD card, but at that point I was already given up on this product and did not bother to try with a different microSD card.

I got it last year at 100 bucks. Make sure your doorbell transformer is 12v and up. Devicr will not turn on at lower voltage. I had to switch to a plug in transformer.

Thereve been maybe 3 times it completely disconnected and take me an hour to connect back up by re adding the camera.


It is not Alexa compatible. Laview app is ok. Doorbell call is too delayed to really pickup on your phone.

Speak is a little too quiet. Camera looks like a button so guests push it with their greasy hand and at night code will brcome foggy and need to wipe.

I had LTS installed last month. Can’t be disappointed more than that. Constantly dropping wifi signal even though the router was 6 ft away from it and what was more bothering that whenever it loses wifi signal it triggers the door bell (had that for couple of times in midnight). After a week it started constantly buzzing the chimes and didn’t stop. Not even able to hard reset. Had to unplug wire right in the middle of the night! Blew away both of my chimers due to that buzzing for an hour! Terrible experience with doorbell camera system. Will never buy a doorbell camera even if it is free!

This site has it for .…amera.html

I agree strongly with this. I bought a nest hello and the setup and quality with everything was hand over fist.

Available from these sellers.
  • Remote Viewing/WIFI Compatibility: The Doorbell Cameras reliable WiFi connectivity allows you to easily access your doorbell camera from whoever you are. Our complementary mobile application “LaView Connect” ensures that you’ll be able to check in on you home whenever you’d like.
  • Motion Detection/ Mobile Notification: Get instant mobile alerts when visitors approach your front door. The camera’s advanced motion sensors alert you whenever a nearby motion is detected. Enjoy the ability to customize the exact areas you’d want to be triggered whenever motion is detected. Never worry about answering the door, simply check your notifications and view who is at the door.
  • 1080P HD/Smart Night Vision: The Doorbell Camera’s 1080p/30fps resolution and WDR function ensures the best clarity, no matter the weather conditions. The cameras infrared night vision allows you to see up 15 ft in the dark. Capture the clearest details and provide you home with best security available. Requires a new or existing 16-24V AC wiring or transformer. Support connecting to the mechanical chime.
  • Enjoy 180° Viewing Angle: The camera provides the widest viewing angle available. Capture all activity that occurs in front of your home with just a single camera.
  • Weatherproof(IP54): The Doorbell Cameras IP54 rating guarantees the camera is suitable for outside use, no matter the weather conditions. Its operating temperatures can be anywhere between -22¬° F to 122° F.

This is the fourth video doorbell I’ve owned, and is by far the best. It hits all the points…cloud service not required (unlike many other brands), great picture, very responsive with virtually no lag time (my Digoo has lag of over 40 seconds!) and the build quality is outstanding (this is made by Hikvision) and doesn’t feel like a toy. I can’t think of any cons, I love this thing…and yes, I actually paid full price for it!