Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp

Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp
Kreg KHC-PREMIUM Face Clamp
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  • Unique clamp designed specifically for Pocket-Screw Joinery
  • Used primarily for securing individual joints while Pocket-Screws are being driven
  • The large face of the clamp keeps the joint perfectly flush

This is a nice clamp, but for the price I expected it to be a little more “premium,” as the title suggests. The blue plastic cover over the vise release keeps falling off, and the screw tension adjustment isn’t precise and tended to vary a little bit over the course of installing 38 handles on my kitchen cabinets and drawers. Still, for less than 20 bucks you probably need to buy this or something just like it because it will definitely save you a lot of frustration. I had it come unclamped on me one time during the project (with a tiny bit of damage), but overall it performed pretty well. The depth of the arms need to be a little bit longer–I definitely struggle in some drilling when I would bump against the clamp.
If you buy one of the Kreg jigs, a nice face clamp like this is almost required.
You can watch a video of this clamp in my review of theĀ Kreg Cabinet Hardware Jig.

[Deal Review]:

Not bad. Looks like the normal price is about .

Same price with pickup discount at Walmart:…p/21347901

Note that this is the classic clamp, not the automaxx version. Still a decent deal. Thumbs up 😁

Ordered this from Ace during the 50% sale. Weird how the larger face is on the side of the clamp that goes under your work surface.

Though I don’t need one in my shop right now, thumbs up for more woodworking deals!

Thanks! Was about to pull the trigger as the automax are amazing.
Walmart’s out of stock now

What part of the face does this clamp? If it’s the lips, I can definitely put it to use. 😉

What is CCC? Thanks!

Well I guess slickdeals has a rule against being helpful.


It’s a price tracking site, go there and put in the amazon URL it will give you the entire price history on Amazon of that item. For this clamp, this is the lowest price it’s ever been
i think the smaller side is that way since it fits in the plastic holder that comes with the pocket hole jig
It’s a price history tool


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