K&N ProSeries Oil Filter for Honda, Ford, Infinity Cars & More

K&N ProSeries Oil Filter for Honda, Ford, Infinity Cars & More
K&N ProSeries Oil Filter for Honda, Ford, Infinity & More
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  • High flow filter designed to improve performance
  • Designed for synthetic and conventional oils
  • Premium filtration media for increased capacity
  • Provides outstanding filtration

Disclaimer: I apologize if this sounds in any way like I work for K&N, I honestly don’t:

I use this K&N Oil Filter on my 2013 Honda Accord V6, because of their build quality and quality control. If you ever have the chance to cut one open (safely) I suggest you do so. When you’re done with that compare it to a Fram Oil Filter.

The oil filters are completely different in terms of quality, Fram has uneven pleats in the filter, oozing glue, rubber seals that are set askew etc.

Oil is the blood of your car make sure you protect it by filtering out all of the harmful contaminants.

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Nice deal, but doesn’t fit my car.

Here’s what K&N say it’ll fit:


Bought some for my CX-5, thanks OP!

This is that tiny ass one? No thanks. Even the “standard” size one is small, but it’s twice as big as this puny crap.


No filtration rating listed anywhere, now? RED FLAG! This sounds like some low efficiency, 40 micron, chinese garbage.

Chinese? You guys never heard of K&N, the biggest performance air filter company in the world? They like, sponsor every motorsport?


Granted, they are more known for their air filters, but they are the ones other people are usually copying, not the other way around. And yeah, now SOME of their stuff is made in China, but the bulk of it should still be made in the USA.

Do you have the link?
Stick to your Fram garbage
Yea I don’t know why everyone is equating made in China to inferior quality. China makes really high end stuff and really low end stuff. It depends mostly on Vendor specs and QA to determine quality. Yes I’m in the manufacturing industry.
Only an idiot uses fram (the top of the line model is good, but stupid expensive, so it’s useless).
K&N oil filters were the same as mobil 1, but that looks to be different, now. Again, no rating = garbage. Even the HP series declines any real rating (mentions 10 micron, but no % given). These could be 20 micron, but if it’s at 90% does it matter?


Size is too small, regardless. Not much media can fit in it.


Think twice b4 using FRAM.