K&H Pet Products Faux Fleece Kitty Sill

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K&H Pet Products Faux Fleece Kitty Sill
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$ 12
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. Thanks gabe23111


Good deal, thank you OP!

Scroll down to the similar items section and they have the one with the cushion for more.

.26 for the K&H Pet Products Kitty Sill Deluxe with Removable Bolster for the spoiled kitty out there…



The heated version .70



I read text fast and saw kitty still… and wondered…. cats that bootleg hooch… clever kitty, clever kitty.

Thanks, ordered the bolstered one!

Tread carefully, because it has an “F” rating on Fakespot.

I’d take the glowing reviews with a grain of salt. Meow.

Or a nibble of kibble. 🐈

Why does it have Prop 65 about cancer? First time seeing this on an Amazon product.

Thanks! Snagged the “kitty print” version for .94
Cats are known to the state of California to cause cancer!
Because of California. I live there and just about everything has that sign. Even the place where I live before passing through the gate, there’s a big sign saying that you’re entering a zone that has stuff that may cause cancer.

Good for a small gift for a cat owner here, danke!