Joseph Abboud Casual Coat (Various Styles / Colors)

Joseph Abboud Casual Coat (Various Styles / Colors)
Men’s Wearhouse
has select
Joseph Abboud Casual Coat
(Various Styles / Colors) on clearance for
$ 20.99 each
Shipping is free
. Thanks jesudas

Note, availability may vary by size/color.

[Deal Review]:

Most of the sizes are available for all three coats. Hope they don’t cancel the order.

Good price. Ordered a few. Looks like it’s free returns.

They don’t even send notification that order was cancelled.

YMMV. None available near me.

Same here
You don’t need to find a store near you. You can order online. It’s free shipping and free returns..

What is up with these sizes? The size guide doesn’t have a conversion. What is a 2X?

Anyone else not loving the Pee Wee Herman-esque styles these days?

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Tempted but lots of reviews say it runs very large but the size chart shows no measurements for these coats

Yeah not

Ordered… 7 mins later got a email saying ordered canceled. :/

Ton of other styles on sale, most of them look pretty ugly, though. If I had stayed in academia the one with corduroy and elbow patches would have been perfect, though, haha.

This must have been a price mistake. Won’t let me order any style